What is a dedicated server? Definition & benefits for your business?


Definitions: A dedicated server can be tweaked to host a single website or multiple websites. Unlike shared hosting, server hosting with dedicated resources allows administrators to allot different levels of memory, space and processing depending on the criticality of the websites and their importance to operations.


Benefits: A dedicated server is the best choice for websites that will be hosting a lot of traffic, expect to need greater customization or higher protection, or those who can’t risk using a dubious shared IP address.


Specific reasons for which you will need a dedicated server ?


Organizations of the following sizes can profit from dedicated hosting: medium-sized to large businesses with 500+ people who manage large volumes of data. You require a dedicated server if your company uses databases, has a sizable infrastructure for its supply chain and inventories, and processes hundreds of e-commerce transactions every hour.


How renting a server for your business can be a smart & wise decision ?


  1. Eliminate upfront hardware cost
  • Many people may find the idea of making a one-time upfront payment to purchase a server to be appealing, but did you realize that purchasing a server also requires you to spend a lot of money on other peripheral hardware?
  • But if you choose to rent servers, all you have to pay is the server’s reasonable monthly rent!



  1. More affordable
  • When comparing the costs of purchasing versus renting servers, purchasing could seem preferable. But are you aware that it can cease to be useful even before you receive your money’s worth from the server?
  • Renting servers is therefore more cost-effective because you can pay for them only as long as you really use them.


  1. Better server security
  • Your costs when buying a server are not merely restricted to the MRP of the server. To safeguard your data, you also need to make a substantial security system investment.
  • Yet, since your rental service provider will be in charge of server security, renting servers allows you the freedom to concentrate on running your business.


  1. Avoid additional infrastructure
  • Servers need a dedicated space with adequate cooling and a constant power supply. Now that you have purchased your servers, it is up to you to take care of everything.
  • However, since these servers are controlled and maintained by your rental service providers, renting servers can let you avoid any such obligations.


  1. Ease of migration
  • You’ll need to relocate to a new server as your company expands over time. Certain hardware fees are involved during migration when you own a server. You can avoid these fees and move seamlessly by renting servers.


5 Benefits Of Dedicated Servers For Your Business Website


1.Server resources are not shared

You receive all of a single server’s resources when you select a dedicated hosting company. It’s not a concern that other websites will jam the server’s CPU and RAM.

You can be sure that your server won’t be slowed down by faulty scripts running on another website or sudden increases in bandwidth demand if you have a dedicated server.


2.Enhanced performance and security

Using a dedicated hosting service ensures that your website will be available at all times. For websites with light to moderate traffic, shared hosting is frequently the best option. Yet, dedicated servers offer greater stability and dependability than shared hosting if your website experiences high traffic.


Also, if you choose a dedicated server, you can be certain that no bad websites or possible spammers are using the same resources as you. Increased security is made possible with dedicated hosting, which is crucial for businesses processing sensitive FTP or SSL transactions.



With a dedicated server, a client has the freedom to tailor the server to their particular requirements for CPU, RAM, disc space, and software. Customers that use shared hosting are restricted to the operating system, software, and applications that are already installed on the server. They might either provide clients with software they don’t need or leave out items they do require.

Organizations can create a server environment that is tailored to their needs with a dedicated server. Businesses have more control over the configuration of their dedicated server because they may select the platform and applications they actually require.


4.Unique IP address

  • Each server has a distinct IP address of its own. It indicates that you are using a shared IP address with a number of other websites while using shared hosting. The rank of your website may be pushed down if one of your neighbors is a spam or pornographic website.
  • You get your own special IP address and a dedicated server when you use dedicated hosting. This is particularly crucial if you run a big e-commerce site that needs SSL to handle credit cards.


5.No overhead for purchasing or maintain equipment

  • Dedicated hosting is an inexpensive way for a business to access the resources of a whole server if it wants a dedicated server but lacks the time or resources to run a server internally. By taking care of the expense of creating and maintaining server hardware, a dedicated hosting provider lowers the overhead for a company buying server space and boosts their return on investment.
  • But these benefits come at a price. The least expensive option for a business to manage its website is shared hosting, whereas dedicated hosting is significantly more expensive. Yet, websites with heavy traffic or those with stringent customization and security requirements can discover that a dedicated hosting company is their best choice.



Benefits Of Dedicated Server To Website Owners


Dedicated servers are more reliable and stable than shared hosting. It ensures that no other harmful software or possible spammer is sharing your space. Dedicated servers provide increased security, which is why they are required for website business owners that conduct transactions over FTP or SSL and .


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