How Fail2Ban Can Secure Your SmartVPS for SSH Login Protection

Fail2Ban is an application which bans IP addresses from logging into your Linux SmartVPS¬†after too many failed login attempts. Since legitimate logins usually take no more than 3 tries to happen (and with SSH keys, no more than 1), a server being spammed with unsuccessful logins indicates malicious attempts to access your Linode. Fail2Ban can […]

How To Create PHP Info Page

Most of the website and CMS are build using PHP language and it has it’s own php setting or requirement for us to be able to installed it on the public hosted server. As we know, each hoster will have their own preferred global php setting which cause some errors when we installed these websites […]

How To Resize Your Root Disk/Partition Online For Linux

As a server administrator, it is common to find our root partition is filled up with files especially logs cause our server not able to run smoothly due to not enough space. This could happened when we create only one disk partition for OS installations especially for cloud server. The workaround to solve this kind […]

How To Change PHP Timezone?

Why my application keep showing UTC time? This has cause your¬†application not to log the correct time when the function being executed. This issue are cause by the PHP default timezone. By default, all our servers which is running PHP will used default PHP time zone, which is UTC. You can verify this by running […]

How To Configure NTP Server On Ubuntu 14.04

Having your servers synchronize it’s time to a time server will surely ease administrator task to maintain the servers and do troubleshooting if requires. Especially when they need to find related errors in the logs and when the actual issue happened. By default, all OS will synchronize to their default time server and timezone. However, […]

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