How To Move JavaScript To Footer For WordPress

The most common comments or advise that you will get when you test your website at gtmetric or any web speed test website is to move your javascript to bottom of the page or under footer for wordpress.¬† This is because javascript is known as render-blocking script. What happened is, before a website being displayed […]

How To Create PHP Info Page

Most of the website and CMS are build using PHP language and it has it’s own php setting or requirement for us to be able to installed it on the public hosted server. As we know, each hoster will have their own preferred global php setting which cause some errors when we installed these websites […]

How To Change PHP Timezone?

Why my application keep showing UTC time? This has cause your¬†application not to log the correct time when the function being executed. This issue are cause by the PHP default timezone. By default, all our servers which is running PHP will used default PHP time zone, which is UTC. You can verify this by running […]

How To Solve Allowed Memory Error

Allowed Memory error is the most common error for open source CMS like wordpress, joomla, Drupal and many more. You will receive an error as per below image when you try to access your web application.   This is error occurred due to PHP required more memory to be allocated for it to process the […]

Cannot Connect To Database

                This error will occur within a web application when any of the following conditions are met: The database username is incorrect; The database password is incorrect; The database name is incorrect; The database location is incorrect (the correct setting is localhost for most of our services); or […]

How To Enable Compression In cPanel Account

Web compression is one of key factors that need to count in if web owner want to speed up their website access. As we know, a website are built with combination of contents which consist of css, javascript, html, php and many more. Without compression features, a 100KB web files will use up almost 100KB […]

How To Speed Up My Website Using CloudFlare

Nowadays, web contents are getting bigger and become more complex. Most of the users has use almost up to 50% and some time almost 90% of their content with images as a way to describe what they want their readers to understand. To deliver these contents to their users which could be located all over […]

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