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Introduction : Email Hosting Service


Paid email hosting doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense to many email users, especially with free
versions like Gmail and Yahoo. But if you have critical documents like invoices, client
addresses, or bills, the narrative changes. You would risk losing customers or subscribers by
using generic emails that might look unprofessional and suspicious. Customers prefer a business’
own domain name as it immediately looks better.

And while anyone can set up their email address through a hosting package, many people
consider it safer to have a special provider dedicated to your emails only. Attaching your
business email to a hosting service is way better than leaving your critical data in the hands of
Yahoo or Gmail.

Also, relying on a separate paid email service guarantees that if there were to be a problem, the
customer support guys will work tirelessly to resolve the matter.



What is Email Hosting Service ?


Email hosting service allows businesses to send, receive, and store important emails on a server
that a professional hosting company provides. It differs from free email providers like Yahoo and
Gmail since a hosting service allows you to set up professional email addresses that incorporate
your domain name. If, for example, you run an online store called,
you can have your email address be something like:


Apart from the ability to allow you to create a strong brand recall, professional email hosting lets
you improve business scalability, create a more robust brand identity, allow greater integration
with other tools, boosts email security, and several other benefits.



How Does Email Hosting Work ?


Email hosting not only gives you a server for hosting your emails but also provides extra
solutions to scale your business better. Some of these solutions are features that allow for secure
authentication, user domain name management, rerouting your emails, and more.


A top-tier email server provider like Mydunia gives you a server that you can use as a trusted
link between the receiver’s email server and your email server. Upon sending an email, it will be
routed between the 2 servers to ensure that it is smoothly transported and delivered. Not only
does this add extra security to your emails, but it also eliminates the chances of viruses and
spam. Email hosting gives you an extra security layer when you want to send sensitive
information through email. This minimizes the potential for data theft or breaches. And since
professional email servers come with military-grade encryption, the data transfer is entirely
encrypted to rule out unauthorized access.


Also, professional email hosting guarantees better uptime. This way, businesses can avoid costly
communication errors, allowing them to communicate quickly and timely. This is important for
organizations that may send and receive correspondence from clients that want immediate


Benefits of Email Hosting Service


1. Improves Brand Consistency

Incorporating your domain name into your email address not only makes your email look more
professional, but also is good for your brand consistency. The ability to be instantly recognized is
a key aspect of a strong organization.

Strong brand identity also means that potential customers and clients can access you more
quickly. You could be losing out on business if they cannot communicate with you readily.


2. It is Scalable Unlike Free Email

Scalability is the ability of your email service capacity to grow as your business grows. It is an
important element of all aspects of your business. An email server ensures that your
requirements are met not only presently but also in the long term. These could include increased
storage capacity, dedicated customer support, or the ability to add more addresses to the domain.
If you expect your business to grow in the future, the best option is to go for an email host. The
plans aren’t just scalable to your demands, but they can provide extra security layers and high


3. Enhanced Inbox Security

Recently, we have seen an unprecedented surge in data breaches, and you can easily see why
security has become a priority for many businesses.

Encryption prevents the interception and reading of your email by unauthorized parties.
Businesses send confidential information from time to time. This may be internal to the team or
even external to customers. This is why you want the security to be top-notch.


Pros : Email Hosting Service


➜ Email hosting is more reliable and provides better uptime.

➜ Your email solution can integrate with other tools.

➜ It gives your emails an extra layer of professionalism.


Cons : Email Hosting Service


➜ You have to pay for it, unlike Gmail and Yahoo!


What is the Cost of Email Hosting ? has flexible email hosting plans to cater to the needs of different categories of users.



Does Your Business Need Email Hosting?

There are mainly two issues to consider when you think of email hosting and these are security
and brand identity.



We live in a fast-paced digital world where the ability to build a solid brand identity can be the
difference between success and failure. Nearly all businesses have an online presence today, and
so getting noticed isn’t easy. Customers are more likely to align with brands that they can
recognize instantly and resonate with. Email hosting allows you to create a recognizable and
professional impact.


Customers also value security and will choose brands that guarantee complete security. Today,
communication over email is all the rage, and so you want to be sure that you can communicate
internally and externally safely. You want to be sure that no matter how confidential the
information you communicate over email is, it is safe and free from third-party interference. It’s
the only way to build reliability and credibility for your business. And with military-grade
encryption, you can be sure that nobody can listen to your communication. Although it costs
money, it makes a lot of sense business-wise. is a one of the leading email hosting service provider in Malaysia. With plans starting as low as RM3/month, customers can choose from a wide range of offerings.

We hope this post has clarified what a benefits of email hosting for your business. Please leave any comments or questions in the space provided below.

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