Most of the website and CMS are build using PHP language and it has it’s own php setting or requirement for us to be able to installed it on the public hosted server. As we know, each hoster will have their own preferred global php setting which cause some errors when we installed these websites and CMS. So we need to make some changes to the php directives. Before we can do this, we need to know current php setting of the server. How can we know what is the current PHP setting?

This article will give you some guides on how you can achieved this. PHP has a built in function where it will display all the current setting for your server. What you need to do is to create a files with php function inside it. Please refer below:

1. Create a php file inside your public_html. You can give any name to it. We suggest to make it easier you can name it as info.php. if you are using cPanel, you can do this by login to your cPanel account, click on your File Manager and access to your public_html folder. Click on New button and name it as info.php

2. Now inside this file, you need to put below syntax and save the file.

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

3. You can access to your info page as below. However, this will depend where you create and save this info.php file.

Now you should be able to see all PHP setting for your server. From here you should be able to identify which directive that you need and require to change. Please refer to our How To Change PHP variable for my Website for more details and correct steps.


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