How To Enable Compression In cPanel Account

Web compression is one of key factors that need to count in if web owner want to speed up their website access. As we know, a website are built with combination of contents which consist of css, javascript, html, php and many more. Without compression features, a 100KB web files will use up almost 100KB bandwidth and would take up to few second to load on client browser. With compression enabled, the content might be able to be compressed to a smaller size and at the same time speed up the content delivery to client browser. Client internet bandwidth is also one of the key factor for a website access speed. a much bigger file will take a little bit longer before it can be deliver and process by client browser.

Enable Compression in cPanel Account

cPanel is a comprehensive web hosting control panel which have a lot of features and capabilities to help web owners to improve and maintain their website. It also has the capabilities to enable compression in just one simple click. To enable the compression, web owner can just login to their cPanel account.

1. Login to cPanel account.











2. Go to Software and Services panel


3. Click on the “Optimize Website” icon.


4. There are few options that can be choose by cPanel users

  • Disabled – if cPanel users use this option, cPanel will disabled the compression. By default, cPanel will disable compression.
  • Compress All Contents – This is the best options to choose.
  • Compress the specified MIME types – This option is good fo advance users.

5. Once satisfied, click on Update Setting to save configurations.

I don’t have account with!

Don’t worry, most probably these steps are the same for other web service providers. however, they might have change their way a little bit. You may consult with their team or knowledgebase on how to enable this.

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