How To Speed Up My Website Using CloudFlare

Nowadays, web contents are getting bigger and become more complex. Most of the users has use almost up to 50% and some time almost 90% of their content with images as a way to describe what they want their readers to understand. To deliver these contents to their users which could be located all over the world in just few seconds would be impossible as these traffic will need to traverse between interconnected network which we do not know how many network hops are required before it could reach their users. In a simple sentence, user will facing slow web loads or access. The best way to speed up access to these website is to bring the contents nearer to the users locations.

How can we do this?

There has been a web technology called CDN ( Content Delievery Network ) which actually a solutions which groups a number of servers which are located in different location and country, to cache web contents and deliver to users as soon as it receive request to access for specific websites. CloudFlare is one of the company who provide the CDN Solutions for their customers plus they also has security solutions built on top of these. Of course they are a company who make money from these solutions. Which means that you need to pay for a certain amount to get these service from them. However, they also provide a FREE accounts for customer who would like to use their solutions. CloudFlare has work with web hosting services providers who use cPanel or Plesk control panel to provide an easy way for web owners to activate these functionality and features from just a simple web console.

How to enable my CloudFlare account?

As for us at we deliver our web hosting service using cPanel web control panel. Plus, All of our servers are equip with railgun features, which add one more additional layer to optimize web content delivery using CloudFlare. All myduniahosting customers are able to activate their CloudFlare account using below steps.

1. Login to your cPanel accounts.

2. Scroll down until you find CloudFlare panel and click on the CloudFlare icon. it is an icon with  a yellow cloud.

CloudFlare Panel


3. Fill in your email address that you would like to use to register an account with CloudFlare.



4. Select your web application that you want to enable CloudFlare by clicking on the grey cloud icon on your right.



5. Allow some time for the system to activate your website using CloudFlare. Once done, you will be able to see the grey cloud icon now change to yellow.



6. If you would like to disable it again, you may click on the yellow cloud icon again. Once it has successfully disable, you will see the cloud icon change to grey.



I don’t have account with!

Don’t worry, most probably these steps are the same for other web service providers. however, they might have change their way a little bit. You may consult with their team or knowledgebase on how to enable this.

If you or your partner would like to have an account with us. we are happy to have you guys on board. You may refer to our web hosting plans for more details. Don’t forget to register for our newsletter and get 30% discount for first year registration with our web hosting plans. We hope this tutorial will be able to help you enabled your CloudFlare account.

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