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If it’s your first time getting into the web hosting business, one time you cannot avoid hearing is cPanel. So what is cPanel and how important is it? cPanel is simply a control panel that you use for your web hosting account. Even if you aren’t familiar with hosting, the control panel is what will enable you to access your server to unlock its features. In this article, we review the cPanel hosting offered by Mydunia and tell you what to expect when you pay for this package. Keep reading to learn more.



What is cPanel Hosting?


The simplest definition of cPanel is that it is a control panel based on Linux that enables users to conveniently manage their hosting. It works in the same way as a desktop application. cPanel gives you a user-friendly dashboard from which you can perform actions as opposed to running ambiguous commands. You can think of cPanel as a control panel from where all the elements of your web hosting package are managed.


cPanel has many advantages that make web hosting companies avail it to their customers. These include the fact that it gives customers a dashboard that’s incredibly simple to use and that it is properly maintained with security measures, regular updates, and improvements.


Myduniahosting uses cPanel and usually hosts hundreds of thousands of domains. It remains one of the leading web hosting companies in Malaysia. Customers who choose the cPanel hosting package offered by Mydunia can enjoy guaranteed 99.9% uptime, around-the-clock support, and one-click WP installs, among other advantages.


How Does cPanel Hosting Work ?


As we have already said, cPanel hosting is a Linux-based web hosting package that comes with a cPanel installation. This hosting plan offers a cPanel account for controlling all the elements linked to your web hosting.


It is often used in different hosting packages like dedicated, shared, and managed WP hosting. cPanel is an ideal option for beginners that want a simple control panel solution that doesn’t have ambiguities.


Benefits of cPanel Hosting


cpanel hosting package


But like any other thing, cPanel has its advantages and disadvantages. They include the following:


  1. User-friendly interface


One thing that makes cPanel stand out is how it categorizes different features under convenient modules that allow easy location of them by users. Also, the cPanel dashboard has intuitive graphics and menus that allow users to navigate through the system smoothly.


  1. Highly compatible


Apart from being one of the most used control panels, cPanel is also compatible with a variety of web browsers. These include Safari, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. Further, cPanel is compatible with many third-party applications such as SEO tools and site builders.


  1. Automatic Software Installation


cPanel isn’t just feature-packed, but it also integrates well with Softaculous Apps Installer. It gives you access to over 400 applications, and these include even the most popular content management systems. This app handles each application in its entire lifecycle right from installation to even updates.


  1. A bucketful of features


cPanel is simple and requires no advanced technical knowledge. This is why it allows users to perform complicated chores like creating FTP accounts, creating sub-domains, and managing MySQL databases among other things.


  1. Reliable support


You can get lots of resources by visiting cPanel blogs and forums. There are also specialized technical manuals for WHM and cPanel. These manuals explain to users how to not only use cPanel but also solve problems that may arise.


cPanel Hosting Cons


  • Security Vulnerability


Although it employs two-factor authentication, cPanel is still vulnerable to cyber-attacks. But this can be minimized by always ensuring that you use an updated version of cPanel.


  • Costly license


The license cost of cPanel is the costliest compared to other similar products. But if you only want to manage a website, opting for a cPanel hosting package will be cheaper as your web host is likely to let you use their cPanel license.


  • Risk of corruption of data or loss


Sometimes, the cPanel system can accidentally overwrite server settings and get rid of all data when performing major updates. This often happens when a hard drive fails or crashes. The best thing to do in a situation like this is to perform a complete disaster recovery. It can sometimes restore your data.


Myduniahosting cPanel Hosting Pricing


Myduniahosting cPanel hosting plan comes in four packages.





cPanel boasts an array of impressive features that have endeared it to many millions of users. It has a simple dashboard that anyone with no prior web hosting experience will find a breeze to use. cPanel is what enables you to unlock the many features of your hosting service and get the most out of your server. You will be able to conveniently manage your hosting even if you are a complete newbie. cPanel has round-the-clock support that ensures you don’t get stuck along the way.

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