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After having a professional create a website for you, the next most important thing you should do is to pick the right hosting plan. And although you have an array of options at your disposal, nothing comes close to the control and versatility level you get when you opt for a dedicated server.



Choosing a dedicated server hosting plan means you get a server you use exclusively. It means that nobody else will share the access or resources that you have been allocated. You have total control over the server, which ensures greater security of your website. It also performs to the best possible level without interference.


In this post, we talk about what to expect when you choose a dedicated server option plan, its benefits, and why it is the best option for your website. Keep reading to learn more.


What is Dedicated Hosting?


dedicated server hosting


Dedicated hosting services refer to web hosting plans that provide one client with dedicated resources. These types of hosting plans are suitable for WordPress sites that experience a large number of traffic. Myduniahosting hosting service offers dedicated hosting packages along with VPS and shared plans.


In the case of a shared hosting plan, for example, a client will share a computer with other people. If it is a VPS hosting plan, several clients share a computer but not resources. But if you choose a dedicated plan, you will lease an entire server along with all its resources. As to the rates of these hosting packages, these are based on the choice that the client makes regarding resource allocation and hardware.


Large websites or organizations that have much higher traffic should choose dedicated hosting plans. That is because the client receives complete control of their server, which enables them to configure it so that it meets their specific needs. Myduniahosting hosting service offers two types of dedicated hosting plans which are managed and unmanaged. In the first case, we manage the server for you in case a problem arises while in the second scenario we only lease the server to you and leave you to manage it.


In general, dedicated managed server plans cost more than unmanaged options. The pricing also depends on the level of resources you are allocated like RAM, storage space, and bandwidth. Other expenses that you might incur in a dedicated server include the costs of software plans required to run the server. The software can include things like licensing for Windows or other operating systems and cPanel where necessary. And while these paid software applications have free alternatives, no serious business will use them due to the lack of stability that they have.


How Does A Dedicated Server Work?


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A dedicated server provides clients exclusive access to a server. You are the only one that can access this physical server. It contrasts with shared and VPS hosting where your website is hosted on the same server together with other users. A dedicated hosting plan gives you more room to configure it the way you want. You do not need to share the resources with other users.


A dedicated server is custom-configured to applications that you may decide to have, which could be a private cloud, website, streaming, gaming, VOIP, web hosting, or a database. The hosting provider only leases the server to you but the management of it is up to you.


And you don’t just have to use one server. You can pool together multiple dedicated serves to get even greater performances, scalability, and availability. The option of a dedicated server is especially appealing to businesses with more intensive applications and workloads, for example, gaming and AdTech.


Benefits of Dedicated Hosting Services


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Dedicated hosting has many several benefits that you and your website can enjoy. Some of the immediate advantages of this hosting package include the following:


  1. Improved Performance and Speed


The fact that you are not sharing the resources of a server with other users means that your website will my significantly faster and perform much better.


  1. Complete Control and Freedom


A dedicated server hosting plan lets you configure your server to meet your specific circumstances. It also gives you complete access to all aspects of your website.


  1. Greater Security


Because of the exclusive access that you have to the server, questions of vulnerability that arise when other users get attacked become a moot point. Also, you will be given a unique IP address, which reduces the risks of your site becoming blacklisted.


  1. More Storage Space


Another advantage of a dedicated hosting plan is that it gives you a greater amount of storage space for you to keep the files of your site. Usually, the disk space can be as much as 2TB.


Dedicated Server Pros


  • Offers more reliability than shared hosting
  • You get a custom firewall that helps to enforce the access control policy
  • Unique IP address
  • Greater flexibility when you want to add software or change server configurations

Dedicated Server Cons


It is more expensive than shared or VPS plans


Myduniahosting Dedicated Server Plans & Pricing


Myduniahosting dedicated hosting packages come in three plans to suit different business needs.





A dedicated server hosting package from Myduniahosting gives businesses a special platform on which to host their websites. Under this type of hosting plan, you get an entire server plus all its accompanying resources exclusively. You don’t share them with any other users.



Although it is a bit more expensive compared to shared and VPS hosting packages, it gives you greater security, stability, flexibility, and customization. If you have large traffic volumes and a big list of needs for your website, the endless customizability that is offered by this type of hosting package will ensure that your server will be equal to even the most rigorous of demands.



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