How to Troubleshoot WordPress Redirect Loop

Just now you take a walk at your neighborhood. It has been a while now and there are lots of new thing happening which you missed out. As a blogger, it would be something that you would like to update and share with your family and friends. Get a cup of coffee and open your […]

How To Move JavaScript To Footer For WordPress

The most common comments or advise that you will get when you test your website at gtmetric or any web speed test website is to move your javascript to bottom of the page or under footer for wordpress.  This is because javascript is known as render-blocking script. What happened is, before a website being displayed […]

How To Solve Allowed Memory Error

Allowed Memory error is the most common error for open source CMS like wordpress, joomla, Drupal and many more. You will receive an error as per below image when you try to access your web application.   This is error occurred due to PHP required more memory to be allocated for it to process the […]

WordPress XSS Vulnerability

WordPress is known as the most use open source CMS and it keep growing day by day. Same as other open source CMS, wordpress also has been one of the target for hackers to test their skills, stealing information and many more. Starting from last week, there has been widely reported that WordPress is vulnerable […]

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