Transfer domain from Namecheap to Myduniahosting

This is the process to transfer domain from namecheap to myduniahosting.

  1. Login to your account and make sure below step has been done.
    1. Disable WhoisGuard – You may release the Registrar Lock in the following way:
    2. Sign in to your account
    3. Click on your username – it will be on the black bar located at the top of the page
    4. Click on Manage Domains and click on the domain in question
    5. From the following page please select the Registrar Lock from the menu on the left, and you will then be able to release the lock.
  • Registrar lock is disabled – In order to retrieve your EPP/ Authorization code, you will mouse over Hi, <username> at the top of the page, click on Dashboard and click on Get EPP Code link in the More Links section on the right hand side. There you will also be prompted to enter the reason for transferring the domain name out.

2. Login to our Order Form/Client Area and initiate transfer domain order.

3. You will need an Authorization code/ EPP Code to authorize the transfer.

4. Complete your order and make payment.

5. Check Your email for further Domain Transfer instruction from NameCheap. Just follow their instructions for your transfer request.

6. Once confirm, You will be notify on the status of the Transfer.


Domain transfers can take anywhere from 3 to 8 days to complete. Just assure that the following apply to the domain:

  • The domain is more than 60 days old
  • The domain was not transferred within the last 60 days
  • The domain is showing valid and up-to-date information for the admin contact in the Whois

As of now, this is the steps that you might need to do to transfer your domain to us. However, you might need to check further domain transfer process from namecheap as there might be some additional steps has been added to initiate the transfer.

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