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The best VPS or cloud hosting plan uses cutting-edge technology and is simple to work with. Offered by MyduniahostingMalaysia web hosting company, a leading service provider in Malaysia, cloud or VPS hosting continues to disrupt the industry by letting content be distributed across a whole network. This contrasts with having your site rely on just one server.


This ensures that you have a scalable website that allows you to add resources easily when you grow. These include bandwidth, RAM, and storage, to mention but a few. All it takes to upgrade your website are just a few clicks and you are done. At the same time, it only takes minutes to add fresh server power. Since it is cloud-based, you need not worry about downtime. In this VPS/Cloud hosting review, we look at the package from Mydunia web hosting company and tell you if it is worth your money or not. Continue reading to learn more.


What is Cloud Hosting?



Cloud or VPS hosting is said to take place when you outsource the storage and computing resources of an organization offering infrastructure facilities in a utility model.


The provider of cloud or VPS services is tasked with overseeing the setup, security, maintenance, and cloud infrastructure. Sometimes, they may let the client customize the applications and hardware and scale servers virtually. Storage and computer resources are spread out on hundreds of VMs or virtual machines that load input/output demands in a cloud infrastructure setup.


In terms of cost, the model of cloud hosting is cheaper compared to dedicated server options. The latter requires businesses to not only build but also manage their own data centers. In the case of a dedicated hosting option, storage and servers, along with dedicated virtual and hardware resources, are stored in premises and can constitute costly operating and capital expenses for companies.


How Does Cloud Hosting Work ?


Cloud hosting can be classified both under Paas (platform as a service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) models. In the case of IaaS, users receive virtualized hardware tools that they require to install their own applications while building a web application. And when it comes to the side of PaaS, clients already got a software platform where they can develop and set up the web app more quickly.


The way it is designed is that each server in the cloud environment handles specific tasks. If one server fails, other servers will work in a backup capacity to ensure the required resources are provided. This guarantees the continuous availability of hosting services. A cloud hosting option ensures that the information you store is spread across multiple redundancies. This is what ensures that both you and your web visitors can always access your website online.


Cloud hosting gives you all vital website management elements. These include database management tools and cloud storage. Most of these services are created by considering non-technical users. This means you get a control panel with lots of features to create and manage your website.


Cloud hosting enables you to achieve a lot including managing your domains, setting up FTP accounts for file transfers remotely, and editing databases directly.

Cloud hosting services from Myduniahosting can help you share content and pay only for the resources you use.


Benefits of Cloud Hosting


1. Flexibility


Unlike traditional hosting plans that provide limited bandwidth, cloud hosting services are flexible enough to accommodate seasonal demands or a rise in traffic.


2.  Pay-as-you-go model


The beauty of VPS hosting is that you only pay for the resources you use by the hour or month. It is unlike flat rates charged by traditional hosting plans.


3.  Reliability


The failure of hardware doesn’t cause downtime since applications and sites are hosted on several tiers of networks. Traffic moves across different interfaces of networks, where it’s secured and segregated.


4. Security


When choosing a hosting plan, users should opt for a web hosting provider with network and system, operational/physical, and data and application security options.


5. Sensitive data


When your business deals with sensitive data, you may want to separate the data at the hardware level. That is what you get with VPS or cloud hosting.


6. Support


Cloud hosting services often offer tools, with others offering specialist services to enable clients to handle the cloud-hosted environment.



7. Performance


Latency is often a problem. Having reliable and stable internet connections should be the bare minimum.


VPS Cloud Hosting Pros


  • Resources scale to the needs of a user


  • Businesses pay only for resources used


  • Cloud hosting supports SQL databases


  • Applications are automated and controlled through APIs, mobile apps, and web portals.




There are two different packages.



Verdict : Flexible Payment & Pricing Myduniahosting VPS Cloud Hosting


Many people prefer signing up for a web package instead of hosting a website in-house. This option gives you a definite package of resources that you can access on one server. You only need to have your domain name registered, and then select the amount of RAM, CPU cores needed, or the number of bandwidth that will best serve your business.


For even greater flexible plans, it is advisable to choose the superior scalability that the cloud hosting packages offer. This approach has a few distinct advantages. Apart from the fact that you won’t have to contend with costly hardware upgrades in time you require a greater server capacity, many have plans that allow you to pay for the actual amount of resources used. Myduniahosting also provides other cloud services and often bundles the charges together for ease of cost management and convenience. This is in addition to the many benefits that cloud hosting offers.


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