If you have a .MY domain and would like to change your name server, Please follow below steps:

Where to change?

You may change the info here > https://web.domainregistry.my/Mynic-ViewController-context-root/faces/PB/UserLogin.jsp


1. Please check your domain at http://whois.domainregistry.my and make sure that you are the person incharge under technical contact.
2. if you are not the technical contact, you can assign a new technical contact by login using your administrative contact and change the technical contact accordingly.603850_826477837422731_4778746706610913121_n

How To:

  1. Once you have login, key in your contact code for technical contact.
  2. Go to Domain Name>Modify domain.
  3. Keyin your domain inside domain name menu and select the respective extension and click search.
  4. Select your domain and click modify button.
  5. Tick on modify Name Server and click modify button.
  6. Now choose Add/Remove/Change Nameserver and click modify button once again.
  7. Now you can key in your new name server if it has been registered with mynic. or you can click on the magnifying glass icon to search for name server, or you can click on plus button to add new one.
  8. Once done, click modify button once again.

You will receive an email notification from mynic informing that you just change your name server. it will take up to 24 hours to allow full dns propagation in the internet but this also depend on your previous dns setting.

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