How to Troubleshoot WordPress Redirect Loop

Just now you take a walk at your neighborhood. It has been a while now and there are lots of new thing happening which you missed out. As a blogger, it would be something that you would like to update and share with your family and friends. Get a cup of coffee and open your website that powered with WordPress. Access to your admin login and S**T! it keep redirecting until your get error “This website does not redirecting correctly” it is really a frustrating day.

So how to solve this? In this post, we would like to share with you few steps that might be able to help you to solve this issue. Put aside your coffee and read this article.

wp-admin folder permission

The most common issue with redirect loop are permission. Permission are most of the common issue that cause redirect loop. You need to make sure that your wp-admin folder have 755 permission. This will allow users to access your wp-admin folder from public website.

.htaccess rules

Please make sure that your .htaccess does not have any rules that could cause redirect loop to access your wp-admin. Disabling all the rules inside .htaccess will be a good start to troubleshoot. If you find by disabling the rules inside .htaccess could solve you issue, you will surely need to check your rules again.

No index.php file inside your wp-admin folder

I bet most of us will miss this one. Happened to us before, after couple of hours wasted on troubleshooting on permission and also .htaccess, we find out that index.php is missing from wp-admin folder. To solve this issue is very easy. Just copy the index.php from your other WordPress site and upload it or if you are using Softaculous, you may force it to reinstall WordPress for you.

Missing Home and SiteURL inside your database.

This is normally happened to to miss configuration or you just migrate from other web server. Temporary solve this issue by put below code into your wp-config.php


Make sure you change the domain to your registered own domain related to your website.

Hope this post will be able to help you solve your wp-admin redirect loop issue.

Enjoy your coffee!

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